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Internet is not a strange thing today. So many will need a good internet-related work and its nature as entertainment. The development of the Internet followed by the appearance of the site as well as a popular social networking service.
The need for the Internet is also used and maximized by some place like a café or a specific place that is often used as a formal or informal meeting is to provide internet service via a Wifi network. The facility is generally provided free to be enjoyed.
You may often see visitors café that provides WiFi service is usually filled with visitors who bring electronic devices mdidukung Wifi feature. They can browse the internet using Wifi network.
"Using Wi-Fi hotspot can be an alternative for users who like browsing and save more pulses of course," said Sri, who was from Medan employee who works at one of the prominent life insurance companies. He responded positively to the presence of affordable mobile phones that have Wifi feature in it.
Well, over time, featured mobile phone that had been priced Wifi now no longer seen as a luxury phone with soaring prices. Even now many mobile phones that offer the same features but with a more friendly price. Well-known or local vendors began to aggressively pinning Wifi facilities in cheaper mobile phone.
One manufacturer that has begun to play in the sector, cheap phone that supports WiFi is LG. From Korean manufacturer to date has released several products that Motorola T310 Wi-Fi Cookies are sold with a tag of Rp 999 thousand, which, according to analysis in the region PULSE ITC Roxy Mas, Jakarta LG products this one sold well.
According to traders who met PULSE, one of the reasons the phone is in demand because it is the presence of Wifi feature itself. "Quite a lot of interest because of the cheap price, buyers can get Wi-fi in it."
As for another series based on Wi-fi is also attractive is the LG Style C305 Wink. Has the advantage of not much different from the LG Cookie Wi-fi in terms of specifications such as resolution 2-megapixel camera.
The difference is most visible points on the LG C305 Wink Style is the use of a Qwerty keypad. This phone was sold at a price range of USD 999 thousand and also seemingly more fresh because the casing is a bright color selection.
Steps taken by LG was also followed by a competitor one country that is Samsung that also saw the opportunity to also release a cheap mobile phone with WiFi capabilities in it. Chat Samsung 335 is one proof of the seriousness of Samsung on the phone with a TFT screen with 256K color depth of this.
Specifications offered are also not much of a difference such as a camera, MP3/MP4 player, Stereo FM Radio and also remained there to meet your entertainment side. Samsung is also set their prices enough to change your attention from LG, although not very significant at $ 925 thousand.
For more varied Samsung offers another tantalizing enough that not only features but also provides facilities Wifi Dual ON GSM-GSM which is usually present at the local brand mobile phone, resulting in slightly increased the price offered is USD 1.02 million in this series Duos Samsung Cham . Nokia also not be forgotten because of the Nokia C3 can also be categorized as low-cost mobile phone with Wifi feature therein.
Fields 'wet' is not only used by large vendors, local brands are also quite keen to see this opportunity well. One brand that moves the IMO by IMO B9800 series that glance similar to RIM's Canadian brand of origin but in terms of specification is more similar to what is on the local mobile phone such as the analog TV and also features Dual SIM.
Another local brand that is Skybee the W171 series body design is not only a stylish phone but the price offered tempting enough for users who want to enjoy a phone with features - features attractive. Although it does not have an analog TV like in the IMO but with the facilities such as 2 MP camera, geo-tagging, video calls and Wifi with a price of Rp 475 thousand, at least not a problem limited funds to enjoy a wide range of features and an application presented congenital SkyBee .
Many also feel the practical side of browsing with Wifi facility using a mobile phone than using a fairly takes place netbook. "Chating, Browsing, and update status is not as comfortable as using a mobile phone using a laptop or netbook, but a smaller size factor, of course, the advantage of fitting because we are no longer burdened with carrying a netbook with a bag especially wherever we go." Said Dani, a student who can not be separated from the name Internet.
Increasing number of community need and internet wifi service in many places it is not impossible in the future if a mobile phone should have features such as Wifi inside the camera functions that already exist on a common. Phone. Of the various options is not without problems, you will be increasingly required to more intelligently choose the right product in accordance with needs. (Dedy / PULSE)
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